My experience with Florman orthodontics was great. At school, everyone described having braces as such a burden but Florman orthodontics made me believe different. I wanted to seek orthodontic treatment because I wanted my teeth to be straight. My parents found Florman orthodontics for me and that was a great decision on their part. My treatment time was shorter than expected. The environment at the offices were always kind and positive. I love my new smile!”


“Dr. Florman and Staff Thank you so much for your dedication, expertise, professionalism and caring. After two phases of orthodontic treatment, Julian’s teeth look fabulous! He won’t stop smiling. Thanks again. We’ll be back with Joey. “

Julian Y., 12/30/10

“Anytime I went to the dentist, they always said I needed braces. We never found a place that was good enough or had reasonable pricing. Once my mom heard about Florman Orthodontics and how good it was, she sent me and my sister there right away. My treatment time was much longer than I was expected and hoping for but it was worth it. I like how nice and friendly everyone is here. I love my new smile! “

Sayeh B, 11/18/2010

“I would like to thank the doctor and all of the wonderful and patient staff at the offices. My smile is finally perfect, thanks to the wonderful treatment Florman Orthodontics provided for me. It is a smile; I would credit this office for the rest of my life. Thank you so much. “

Sallay., 05/16/2012

“One of my tooth didn’t have space to come out, so I decided to get braces. My treatment is what I hoped for, and I really enjoy the results. I think my favorite thing about the experience here is the friendly staff. I am happy with the results and it feels good knowing that I have straight teeth. Thank You! “


“After braces as a child, my teeth were crowding and my bite was not aligned, but I did not want to go through traditional braces again as an adult. My dentist suggested Invisalign and I found Dr. Florman as my orthodontist. He and his staff are so friendly and professional and I am happy with the results of invisalign-my teeth are perfectly straight! As an adult with a career I would highly recommend Invisalign, the results took a bit longer but it is worthwhile as most people didn’t notice that I had “braces” “


“I had my braces for years when I was younger and as I got older, noticed my teeth were moving. I was referred to Florman Orthodontics and have been a patient for almost 2 years. I requested invisalign and am very satisfied with my treatment. The staff has always been friendly, patient and very helpful. Since I work full-time, they were very understanding and accommodating to my work schedule. They were all very interested and concerned with my satisfaction with my treatments. Overall, I would recommend Florman Orthodontics to anyone. “


“I enjoyed my experience with the Florman orthodontic treatment. I needed to straighten my teeth for there were many spaces as well as overlapping teeth. For me, I like the environment, it was very welcoming, happy and enjoyable. I also liked the fish tank at the clinic located in Pico. Blvd. Everything was great about the clinic! I absolutely love my new smile! Can’t stop smiling! Thank you! ”



“From the moment I walked into Florman Orthodontics, I knew that I would be taken care of completely. My teeth needed straightening and Dr. Florman was not only kind and genuine, but also was sure of the work he could do to make sure I was happy with my smile. After my Invisalign treatment had ended, I was thrilled with my results, except for one minor detail with my bottom front tooth. Dr. Gailani spent a great deal of time with me and promised she could fix the problem in two weeks, before my wedding. She did. Dr. Gailani was happy, positive and more than anything, she and Dr. Florman worked as a team along with others in the office. I highly recommend that anyone who would like to feel comfortable at their orthodontics office and love the doctors, should come here! ”



“I thought it wasn’t possible, but they made the impossible, POSSIBLE! Thanks Vanessa!”

Jake, 11/18/2010